Camping Preparations

Later this year, for my birthday, Dayle and I are going camping. I said I wanted a new lens for my camera and I wanted to go somewhere where I could really use it. Now we’re going camping somewhere (she hasn’t told me yet), and I get to prepare for things like no cell phone service for 4 days, and keeping food secure so wild animals don’t get to it (or us). If you read snark in that previous sentence, you are mistaken. I’m really excited.

But this also means we have a lot of preparations to make before we become one with nature. First and foremost, we need gear.

After a trip to REI and some best-price shopping on Amazon, I’m happy to report we are on our way.

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More camping things!

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Camping is easy!

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Of course we will have to make special accommodations for our diabetes needs. Insulin, test strips, low deterrents, and all of that fun stuff will require plenty of planning and thought before we’re good to go. And after we figure out how we’re going to cook and store our food, I’m sure there are a thousand other things we’re forgetting (feel free to chime in with a comment or two if you feel inclined).

There’s also the matter of being physically fit enough to handle walking trails and hiking all day. I should get on that.

One thought on “Camping Preparations

  1. Loving this but feeling guilty about not having you become a Boy Scout. I did however try to expose you to nature during our Fall Foliage outing :-).
    Have fun!



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