Just Talking About Balancing Diabetes

This week we’re talking about Kerri Sparling’s book, “Balancing Diabetes”. First I talk to Kerri about the writing process, developing a cohesive voice with the many contributors who helped make each chapter complete, and the awkwardness of self-promotion. Fitting with the nature of the book, I’m also joined by George Simmons, Sean Oser, Harry Thompson, Briley Boisvert, and Christel Marchand Aprigliano to discuss the chapters they contributed to, and why this book is awesome. Enjoy!

“Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well” is available now. You can pick it up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and learn more about the book, and Kerri at http://sixuntilme.com/book.

Special thanks to the other guests who appeared on this week’s podcast:

  • George Simmons – ninjabetic.com – @ninjabetic
  • Sean Oser – t1works.blogspot.com – @seanoser
  • Harry Thompson – @harrythompson
  • Briley Boivert – independence.com – @4thandlife
  • Christel Marchand Aprigliano – theperfectd.com – @theperfectd

Run Time – 1:18:10

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