Why I Stopped Using My iBGStar

I’ve been on the iBGStar for nearly 2 years. For the most part I’ve been happy with that time. The size of the meter made packing and travel super convenient, and when I actually took the time to look at the data, the iOS software that synced readings was quite handy. However, the test strips were in my insurance’s most expensive coverage tier and I really, really miss having a port light. Being a creature of habit, however, means that I’m quite stubborn to change my ways even when there are plenty of reasonable justifications for switching.

Until this weekend.

Let me introduce you to “Er1”.

Error 1

Problems have occurred that are related to test strip use.

Solution 1

If this message appears the moment the test strip is inserted, the test strip may be wet or damaged. Retest using a new test strip.

Solution 2

If the message appears during a test, the test strip may have been removed too early. Retest using a new test strip.

Solution 3

If this message appears after the last progress bar instead of a result, it may indicate that you applied more blood after testing began. Retest using a new test strip.

I saw “Er1” show up on my iBGStar for 14 out of 15 blood glucose tests over the weekend. Considering that this error showed up after applying an appropriate amount of blood (but not an excessive amount after the test begins), and waiting for the test to complete. The only remaining logical explanation for this nonsense is either a bad meter, or a bad batch of test strips.

I don’t want to find out if it’s the test strips, so I’m switching meters. I’m now using the Verio IQ that Dayle kept in our diabetes cache. Between that, and a One Touch UltraMini I picked up at my local Walgreens (because keeping a backup meter is a smart thing to do), the future of blood glucose testing looks promising.

And I get to use a meter with a port light again!

I’m bummed that my time with the iBGStar had to end like this. The fact that Apple got behind a diabetes device like it did was a huge step for the diabetes community. The prospect of medical devices interacting with mobile technology is still something that I eagerly anticipate in the coming years. But I can only tolerate so much before even I must make a change.

5 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Using My iBGStar

  1. I still have my iBGStar and about two boxes of test strips. The fact that they didn’t push harder for insurance coverage for their strips (I was specifically told by a pharma rep to “not hold my breath”) really upset me.


  2. Hi !

    I am currently using the iBGstar meter but the past two days it always says : Error 7, which means I have to contact the company for more information. I have done this but because it is Friday they will only provide me with information next Monday. When yours stopped working did you contact them and were they going to send you a new one ?
    I personally would like to change glucose meter because I think there are better ones on the market. If they tell me that I would have to order a new one, which I would not do, then I would already like to order a new glucose meter this weekend only if the one that I am using now will not work anymore.
    Could you tell me if they were going to send you a new one or did you not contact them ?

    Thanks a lot !!!!!


  3. It might has to do with the way you take each strip out of the box. If you take the first ones out with your finger you might curve the other strips when you’re not being careful enough. This results in an error 1.



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