Pick a Number (Diabetes Art Day 2014)

I had a much more intricate design worked up, then Photoshop crashed on me before I managed to save anything. Serves me right.

Anyway. There have been far too many times when it feels like my blood glucose levels are determined by a random number generator or a terribly uncoordinated person playing darts rather than my ability to manage insulin dosages or carbohydrate counts. I could just as easily pulled the past 90 days of data from my iBGStar meter and submitted the scatter(ed) graph of finger sticks.

Imagine more care, and more numbers littered throughout this...

Imagine more care, and more numbers littered throughout this…

But despite the shenanigans and frustrations that can linger and persist, I must persevere. Difficult days are part of living with diabetes. It’s how we move past them that makes us better for it.

Be sure to stop by diabetesartday.com to view other submissions from across the diabetes community.

3 thoughts on “Pick a Number (Diabetes Art Day 2014)

  1. Really like this, Chris. I’ve always thought of diabetes that way – like a dart board. There’s also the analogy of it often feeling like I’m the unfortunate ping pong ball bouncing all over the place back and forth (whoa – think I just thought of my next D-Art design!). You’re so right, though: about it being about preserving and moving on. Keeping with your art theme, I’m happy to have a CGM that so often seems like it helps keep my darts on track and zoning in closer to that target zone. Great piece, and thanks for sharing this (despite all the Photoshop issues!).



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