Who Recaps the Recaps?

If the early bird gets the worm, the procrastinating blogger gets the opportunity to recap and link to blog posts covering a similar topic rather than recreate the wheel. Besides, they did a much better job than I could have after 36 hours of decompression.

There will be a lot of conversation coming out of Medtronic’s Diabetes Advocate Forum. Some of it about the event. Some about what we can do as a community moving forward. Others will take inspiration from a moment or quote and illustrate what all of this advocacy stuff means to them. I’ll compose my thoughts soon enough, but for now, here is an excellent list of posts to get you started.

Kim Vlasnik – Texting My Pancreas – Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum 2014

Heather Gabel – Unexpected Blues – Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Jacquie Wojcik – Typical Type 1 – Things That Happened at the Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum

Kerri Sparling – Six Until Me – Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum: Meaning Trumped Marketing

Christel Aprigliano – The Perfect D – It Ends With Us

Sara Nicastro – Moments of Wonderful – Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum: My View

Meri Schuhmacher – Our Diabetic Life – Mission Statement

Jess Collins – Me and D – Together

Catherine Price – A Sweet Life – Medtronic Diabetes Advocate Forum 2014

Disclosure: Medtronic and Bayer provided travel, lodging, and food for the duration of the Forum. They did not provide opinions. I can handle that last one on my own.


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