Kerri Wrote a Book

Kerri wrote a book. I know this because I helped contribute to one of the chapters. I also know this because I was forwarded a link to her book on Amazon, so you know it’s legit. I also know this because I received an advanced copy and am reading it right now (well, after I finish posting this). I’ll have more formal thoughts on it later, but for now I can happily confirm…it’s really good.

In other news, I may have created a new diabetes-based Tumblr or two over the weekend. I need to figure out how to best approach them, but I’m determined to figure out how to use that platform to engage the diabetes community. People get Twitter and Facebook, and there are plenty of blogs out there, too. But Tumblr sits in a weird limbo between those platforms. And so I will continue to experiment until I strike gold.


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