Dental Shenanigans

I’m not the only one that suddenly remembers to floss the week before my dentist appointment, am I?

This was taken 20 minutes before my dentist appointment this morning. The good news is no cavities. The other good news is my Dexcom alerted me to a rapid descent well in advance of my appointment, giving me time to take pre-emptive measures.

The not so good news is that there are very few juice-related options at a 7-Eleven that won’t end up with a weird taste in your mouth after 20 minutes of poking, prodding, and fluoride.


One thought on “Dental Shenanigans

  1. My last cleaning appointment was almost an exact copy of yours, except I had to stop at Circle K. (And I’m not sure I “forget” to floss – it’s kind of a conscious I’m-too-tired-before-bed-as-well-as-when-I-wake-up to do it. That was a lot of hyphens = sorry 🙂 )



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