About Medicine X – Bad Days

I shared this picture with the caption saying “Everyone can have a bad day, even Medicine X ePatient Scholars”.

I don’t necessarily think there is or was a mystique or aura about being one of the featured ePatients at Medicine X, I just think we all go lucky among a plethora of applicants. Even so, I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a “perfect patient” or something like that.

I have bad days. I have good days. And I have really bad days.

My diabetes didn’t stop just because I was moderating a panel; my beeping Dexcom can testify to that. Coming out of the conference, I know a number of the other ePatients dealt with a variety of health issues as a result of participating in the 3-day adventure.

These diseases and conditions don’t stop, even for Medicine X.

In other news, “Medicine X, as a patient centric conference, has set the bar higher” for other conferences. I’ll let the folks at Symplur explain.

One thought on “About Medicine X – Bad Days

  1. That Symplur link is really interesting!

    I still don’t know why they picked me, AND if they picked me that means that anyone could go! We all have a story to share and something to contribute!



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