About Medicine X – DSMA Live

I’m going to title all of my Medicine X-related posts with that opening to keep things consistent. This should help the thought-gathering process as foggy ideas become keystrokes become sentences become paragraphs become (hopefully) complete posts.

To start, here’s my appearance on DSMA Live from last night: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/diabetessocmed/2013/10/04/dsma-live

We discussed my impressions of the conference compared to last year, the panel I moderated, Google Glass, and some of the broader themes that a number of ePatients touched on throughout the weekend.

I also derail the show a few times to talk about living in San Francisco and how it compares to southern California, Breaking Bad (no spoilers), and Soul Glo.

While you’re at it, be sure to stop by Sara’s blog, too. She’s starting to make sense of last weekend, one post at a time.

Have a nice weekend.

Dont forget to check out my Storify post on my Medicine X experience.

Disclosure: I was awarded a partial scholarship to attend Medicine X this year. All other expenses, including the remainder of the registration was paid out of pocket. In case there was any doubt, I’m writing about this stuff for me.

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