It’s Bigger Than All of Us

“As I have these conversations with other people that are dealing with other chronic illnesses I keep trying to relate it back to what I know with my diabetes….I guess it’s just a matter of trying to interpret all of this stuff in a way that I best can because as I learned last year at Medicine X, this thing is much bigger than just me and my life with diabetes or my friends who live with diabetes. There are a number of different conversations that are essentially, in the grand scheme of things they aren’t the same, but they have to have a unique approach because all of these diseases are different…but at the end of the day we’re all just trying to strive for better outcomes one way or another.”

That little nugget of wisdom was part of the conversation in the upcoming episode of my podcast.

I’ve said something along these lines many times before since my trip to Stanford last year, but I think it’s important to keep that perspective in mind as we chart our own patient advocacy paths. Yes, our diabetes is important. Yes, what we’re fighting for is crucial. But all of these conversations are part of a larger dialog – and I think that’s pretty cool.

One thought on “It’s Bigger Than All of Us

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