More Travel Considerations

I woke up today wondering why people who wear Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitors don’t call themselves Dexcomedians or Dexcomrades. Is that weird? Which one of those do you prefer?

When you are making travel preparations and have to factor in the wear and tear of your current Dexcom sensor, do you prefer to slap on a fresh sensor the day before you travel? the day of? or do you consider travel a badge of honor that adds theoretical days to the end of life for your sensor?

I’m constantly of the mind that a sensor that doesn’t last at least 16 days is a failed venture, even if the FDA will only stand by 7 days of use. This means lately I’ve resorted to packing an additional sensor with the rest of my stuff but the priority remains getting the most out of my existing sensor’s life.

All of this to say that I have every intention of seeing this countdown again next Sunday in the middle of Medicine X.

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Soon. #dexcom #diabetes

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