Travel Preparations

I’ve gotten pretty good at planning for travel with respect to my diabetes supplies. Rationing test strips, insulin, insulin pens, and all that has become as close to an exact science as these types of calculations can be. At this point, it’s everything else I’m focusing on to make sure my trip to Seattle is as much of a vacation as possible.

Because I’ll be walking around a convention center most of the time, this means my two biggest priorities will be keeping my cell phone on, and keeping a snack handy in case a proper meal isn’t an option.

This is a good start.

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Travel preparations.

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After your diabetes stuff, what’s at the top of your priority list when it comes to planning and packing for a trip?

One thought on “Travel Preparations

  1. After the diabetes stuff? I just try to de-stress packing as much as possible. If I’m going to a place like Seattle, I know I can pick up anything I forget while I’m there (like coffee). Enjoy the trip.



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