Wednesday Should Be Fun

I’ll be moderating the upcoming #dsma Twitter chat this week. If you follow me on Twitter (@iam_spartacus), you’ll see plenty of mention about the chat leading up to the shenanigans Wednesday evening. You should do yourself a favor and follow @DiabetesSocMed to stay current on the questions and responses from the diabetes online community.

Oh, and this Twitter chat will be coming from the American Association of Diabetes Educators conference in Philadelphia – which means I’ll be in Philadelphia Wednesday night. I’m looking forward to hanging out with some cool people with busted pancreases for a couple of hours, even if that means I have to do an up-and-back with Amtrak. And because I’m going to Philadelphia, this seems appropriate.

In case it wasn’t clear, follow #dsma Wednesday night to keep up with the chat. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up.

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