A Look Back

I wrote a post, way back in January 2009, showing off the beauty of Twitter, and the Diabetes Community. It’s funny to look back and see that even in my social media infancy, I knew that all of this stuff had a greater purpose. I was no where near mature enough to quantify or qualify what this purpose was, but I knew there was more out there.

Four years later, I don’t have all the answers, but I still think I’m on the right path.

“Ultimately, I do appreciate the connections that Twitter (yes, Twitter) has helped me make in the short time that @iam_spartacus has existed. It has opened up a world of opportunity for me to embrace, discuss and at times enjoy the fact that I’m diabetic. I wont go so far as to say that I’m in a better place now than I was 6 months ago, but I certainly feel like I’m on a path to something good, something better. And I’m glad I found some people to share it with.” (Me, January 2009)

That’s what this is all about: finding those connections and finding a way to grow because of them. Everyone has their own approach to social media. Everyone is looking for something different in their blogging experience. But the fact that those rewards, however you define them, are within our grasp by merely following someone on Twitter or commenting on a blog post means the world to me. And I know it’s meant a lot to you, too.

Thanks for being part of my adventure. Even if you don’t know it, you’ve made a big difference in how I deal with my diabetes.

// Reminder, today is the day I’m encouraging everyone to comment on every post they read. The best part of the diabetes community is finding someone to share your story with. Hopefully all of these comments will do just that.

I hope this works.

37 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. For some reason, I left my comment on that 2009 blog instead of here. Am I allowed to comment twice? Here’s what I said…

    Wow – Twitter is old! I hadn’t realized that. But this does show us how much we’ve grown over time, and how the online community has shaped who we’ve become. I used to be a timid little kid who would just sit on the sidelines of the online diabetes chatter, and occasionally dip his toe in the pool. And now — I’m much more confident in how I act, more controlled in how I take care of myself, and more happy with all the friends I’ve made…


  2. I signed up for twitter for the first time ever yesterday and it was not diabetes motivated, but one the of first things that popped up in my new twitter feed was your #dblogcheck hash tag! It drew me into to the DOC on twitter, so thank you.


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  4. I couldn’t agree more. When my endo suggested I join Twitter I thought she was crazy. Now I know she was helping me more than she could just during our quarterly visits.


  5. Chris: Thank you for giving us a chance to remember and recognize the importance of EVERY SINGLE VOICE in this community we have in the online world. Thanks for sharing your voice, then and now, and for being such a great person to know. It’s so interesting to look back on our own evolutions online and the DOC as a whole, even a decade ago before there really was a “DOC” as it is today (OK, \digress am I the only one who STILL thinks Dept. of Correction when seeing DOC, or vice versa like on Orange Is The New Black where “D.O.C.” where I think of our community? /digression). I find it very interesting to see all the changes in voices from back then in the beginning to where that person. Anyhow, very much hearing your perspectives and of course seeing where we all go from here as this social media world continues changing. #check #dblogcheck


  6. Ooops, I just left a comment on your old post. Duh!! But it showed up as new on my Feedly feed – I thought you posted twice today! LOL But thank you for organizing #dblogcheck day – I’ve been having a blast with it. And I’m fine with the fact that I have gotten nothing done today besides reading and commenting on dblogs. 😉


  7. You and Kelly Rawlings were the first DOCers to follow me on Twitter (also in 2009), therefore becoming part of the current that pushed me into the diabetes online community and all its benefits. Thanks!


  8. Check! Check! and Check! This is an awesome idea, and I totally agree that July 22 should be an annual #dblogcheckday event! I have fallen so behind on my blog and it seems I haven’t read any in a while either. Today I will try to get caught up and throw in a my 2 cents worth!


  9. Social media can be a great tool. I have found some really cool people through Twitter even though I hardly ever go there anymore. I’m old fashioned and prefer blogging and emails. It’s nice to find different people who identify with different topics I blog about. It’s also nice to know the DOC is just a click away anytime I feel alone in the D-world.


  10. I am new to Twitter and the DOC but I am already finding the power behind it all. Right now I am blogging about my son’s diagnosis and how it affects me and our family. I hope someday he will want to share his experiences in his own blog or in his own way.


  11. While I’m technically on Twitter, I really don’t “use” it much. Facebook, my blog, and reading everyone else’s blogs is how I stay in touch best. I honestly don’t have much more time than that or else I’d be chained to the computer!! Thank you for facilitating this check-in day for us all!!!


  12. I KNOW that my health has improved as a result of the DOC. I don’t know how a study could ever prove it (we talked about it at FFL) but I KNOW it is true.


  13. I know my daughter’s health has improved and continues to improve from our involvement in the DOC, especially from our involvement with the Children With Diabetes community / FFL since we went to our first FFL event in 2001. Also, #dblogcheck.


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