Worth Every Penny

I consume a lot of media. I understand how hype is supposed to work. I’m also quite skeptical of most advertising statements thrown my way. It’s all part of the great marketing aparatus, right? Advertising exists in a hyperbolic vacuum in which all other products and offerings are inferior.

But what happens when marketed expecations and reality meet, and everything works exactly as advertised?

Now I’m a believer

This thing was pricey. But unfortuantely (and fortunately) it was worth every penny. I reached this conclusion after five minutes of use. The guy with the funny accent at Dyson didn’t pay me to write this, but I figure there are enough domesticated people reading this that it’s worth sharing.

After seeing this thing in action in my little condo, it’s kind of scary to see what I’ve been living with. But now I can look forward to cleaning?

4 thoughts on “Worth Every Penny


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