Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

E3 is this week. It’s Christmas for gamers, in part because we get a look at what we can expect for (real) Christmas. There will be a lot of posturing and debate online about who “won” and who “lost”, but that doesn’t matter to me. New games? New consoles? I’m pretty sure everybody wins.

Every outlet under the sun will have coverage out the wazoo (which can be painful if left unchecked). If you want to see what all of this is about, start with Rev3 Games. Adam Sessler is legit.


One thought on “Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

  1. You and my husband could talk for hours. He HAS to have multiple gaming console options. He told me that he was going to pre-order the Xbox One (despite it’s lock down on sharing games, etc) because, it isn’t like he’s NOT going to buy one. And I’m sure he’ll get the PS4 as well.



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