Give Me My Data

This week I join Hugo Campos on the quest for his own data. Hugo explains how a simple tweet turned into a speaking opportunity at Medicine X in 2012. I learn the troubling truth about data generated by his own heart. And we collectively predict the possibilities of Medicine X in 2013. Enjoy.

You can keep up with Hugo on Twitter at @HugoOC and

Run Time – 38:33

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2 thoughts on “Give Me My Data

  1. Thanks for bringing Hugo on to share his story. As I’ve been working away, mining the information that Medtronic makes available, I’ve been thinking about all of the data that’s not just carbs, BGs, and insulin doses that goes into our disease: activity, general wellness, stress, etc. I actually think that the amount of data that Medtronic’s CareLink site makes available is refreshing. Basically, everything that my insulin pump/CGMS/meters record is available to me. It’s not nearly enough for a full picture, but it is all automatically recorded and open (to me). I’m looking into good ways to record some of the other data, and those commercial devices are much more like what Hugo was talking about.

    All data about a person should be available to that person.



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