Back on the Horse

You’d think seeing numbers like 347, 413, 320, 292, and a bunch of other numbers well above 250 mg/dL would motivate me to put a Dexcom sensor on. But you’d be wrong.

I decided to take full advantage of the three day weekend and cared as little as possible for my diabetes during the 72 hours. I took insulin for my meals. I corrected for lows and highs. But I didn’t obsess, I didn’t worry, I didn’t…care.

I know this isn’t the right way to go about things long term and I plan on putting on a sensor first thing in the morning after my workout. But it felt good to not let diabetes govern every. single. decision I make. This isn’t a sign of my reverting or lacking in motivation or conviction. I just didn’t want to worry about this stuff for a day or two.

Breaks like this aren’t exactly healthy, and I don’t plan on doing stuff like this with any kind of regularity. But I felt that this was necessary. Maybe I’ll be a little more vigilent next time I go for a walkabout, but not by much. The funny thing is, I’m actually looking forward to getting back on the horse and starting up a new sensor in the morning. I’m sure there’s some kind of double-ironic bad omen that could be identified there, but considering how fickle diabetes can be I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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