Diabetes Blog Week 2013 – Memories

There were grand plans for today’s post. Then this happened:


Ironic that the blog prompt for “memories” happens on the day I forget my receiver at home. I suppose there’s something that could be learned from this mishap. That I should do a better job of checking all of my pockets before I go. That I should double check my pockets after the previously mentioned thorough once-over to be super duper sure I haven’t forgotten anything. But really, it boils down to the fact that I am human.

Despite years at this whole diabetes thing, I’m still prone to ordinary mistakes. People forget things all the time. Late bill payments, where car keys were last left, what day of the week it is, how to tie shoes (if it’s really early in the morning). But these simple brain farts are significantly magnified when put under a magnifying glass brought to you by Diabetes™.

Forgetting to bolus for a meal. Forgetting to stop correcting that pesky low. Forgetting which arm your Dexcom sensor is on. Forgetting to reload on test strips. Forgetting a fresh insulin pen. You get the idea. Being forgetful is a human trait, but it’s much more costly when it’s a diabetes-related forgetmenot.

So that’s my memory I’m sharing with all of you – my inability to remember. Lucky for you, and me, this story did have a happy ending.

Like magic

This post was inspired by Diabetes Blog Week 2013. Be sure to check out all of the other great posts from the diabetes community. It’s awesome.

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