Wait Your Turn

I had a pretty gnarly low this morning during my commute in to work that stemmed from trying to correct for a post-workout high and a pre-breakfast bolus. Of course traffic didn’t cooperate and I ran on adrenaline for the last 15 minutes of my drive. I made to my desk safely and presumed to overtreat the low, like you do, and eventually got on with the rest of my day.

My big problem with the morning, aside from my stupidity, was the fact that I was operating at half speed (even for a Monday) as a result of this low. Even after I (over)treated the low and had a Diet Coke to jumpstart things, I still couldn’t avoid the sweat-soaked shirt on my back and the general lethargy that lingered until lunch time. I know you’re supposed to wait 15 minutes before retesting after you have your juice or candy or ritz crackers with peanut butter or whatever, but it’s not just the 15 minutes that you have to wait.

With a low like I had this morning, it was more than the 15 minutes. It was the 2 hours trying to recalibrate while fulfilling my reporting tasks. It was the 4 hours chasing the overcorrection. It was the tentative lunch time bolus because I still had insulin in my system from the post-overcorrection-correction.

Lows like this don’t take 15 minutes to get past – they take the rest of the day. It’s a shame the same doesn’t go for the good days, too.

To end on a happy note, here’s a picture of a Blue Jay on the bird feeder. You can see other fun bird photos at my (sixth) Tumblr, Unexpected Ornithologist.

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