A Need to Read

I follow most of you fine pancreatically challenged folks on Twitter and/or Facebook, so I feel like I’m up to date on the happenings you share with the general public. But there’s something to be said for carefully crafted sentences and well-thought blog layouts.

I’ve been horrible about keeping up with your stories – and I feel like a horrible friend because of it.

I don’t make the time to claw through my RSS reader as much as I used to (and I need to focus on making the formal transition to Feedly now that Google Reader is on its way out). And I rarely clickthrough on links posted. To be honest, I barely get posts up here on a regular basis.

But while I’m not “on site” reading about 33-year diaversaries, new recruits to the G4 revolution, half-knitted baby leggings, bringing diabetes technology to a luau, and support from an animated Ninja – I’m still around.

I just need to be better about showing that.

Here’s a picture of Enzo to make up for it. Maybe?

4 thoughts on “A Need to Read

  1. Don’t be so rough on yourself. If you read a blog or catch up with folks on FB or Twitter when you have a moment, that’s good. If you don’t because you’re living life, that’s even better. Really. Just because you’re doing more of the latter, doesn’t mean you’re a bad friend or any less of a friend.


  2. Lee Ann said what I was thinking. And then Sara said the other thing I was thinking and I laughed too hard to remember what Scott said. So I scrolled up, and then came back here to comment. And lo, a boring comment was made! Hi, Chris.



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