How You Know

I think it’s gotten to the point that my body can actively inform me that I have skipped one-two-many gym sessions in a row. Sure, sleeping in occasionally is okay. It’s not ideal, but sometimes that extra 45 minutes makes a difference. But if I string together too many of those mornings things start to break down.

And insulin starts to have the same medical impact as saline. For example:


I’m sure there are other factors contributing to this nonsense – this is diabetes we’re talking about here. But I think my lack of gym-going is a direct contributor to all of this as well. Needing more insulin than normal for ordinary meals and corrections? Corrections not having the same impact as they normally do?

At least I know this exercise thing helps. That’s something, right?

One thought on “How You Know

  1. I too find that things are generally better when I’m active. Though it always takes me awhile to keep the lows away. But there’s something that kind of pisses me off about BG’s going crazy when I’m resting or recovering or healing from an injury.



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