Contemplating CrossFit

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a sign for ‘Noble CrossFit’ pop up near my local Safeway. I’ve seen a few tweets and posts here and there about it so I had an idea about what was involved superficially. Having never CrossFitted myself, I can’t speak to what is actually required physically or mentally to get through a single session, but from what I’ve read it sounds intense. I’m not sure if CrossFit is right for me, but I’m strongly considering it.

If it’s anything like P90X, then I know I can expect reduced insulin requirements, both Lantus and Humalog, after a couple of weeks. I know I can expect a wider variety of exercises and impacted muscles than what I accomplish on my own at my gym. I would hope to expect to feel better about myself and hopefully fit more comfortably into some shirts and pants that are collecting dust in my closet.

It’s not that I’m not satisfied by the gains I’m making on my own, I’m plenty pleased with what I’ve been able to accomplish. But I think I could benefit from a proper kick in the butt from time to time, especially as I approach an inevitable plateau with my strength through “traditional” means.

Have any of you, my eager-readers, gone down this path? Thoughts? Pros? Cons? Bueller?

2 thoughts on “Contemplating CrossFit

  1. I tried Crossfit for the first time a few days ago. I enjoyed it. Crossfit reminds me a lot of the exercises I did when I was going through basic training. I recommend it. You should follow @ohbrady on Instagram, she’s a fellow crossfitter.



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