Two Steps Back

I couple of months ago I made a(nother) adjustment to my Lantus dosage. I used to take 15u in the morning and 15u at night. Once I started to pay serious attention to my nighttime trends I decided to scale back the evening dose a bit in an attempt to curb overnight lows.

I know Lantus is supposed to be the long-term basal equivalent, but with me it seems like Lantus waits a few hours, then kicks into high gear. Overnight this is particularly problematic as peppermint patties became a 2 a.m. ritual. Maybe Lantus is a hybrid insulin in my body. It’s certainly not a Humalog-like fast-acting, but overnight it doesn’t behave like the long-tail stuff that all the documentation suggests.

But, because there’s always a but, recently I’ve noticed a relapse of my dawn phenomenon. Actually, I think it’s just that I’m not taking enough nighttime Lantus and there isn’t enough insulin in my system to cover 6 – 9 a.m. This picture perfectly illustrates my point. No food was consumed, and my commute was not stressful enough to cause this.

Up. Up. And Away!

I guess it’s back to 15u overnight again. I love that diabetes care is an ever-changing target and no two days are alike.

No wait, love isn’t the verb I was looking for…loathe? Yea, that’s better.

3 thoughts on “Two Steps Back

  1. Morning lantus is working for us. If I raise the dose as much as I can and just have a snack in afternoon to fend off the afternoon low that is inevitable when it kicks in we don’t have too much trouble. This was after much frustrating trial and error. Thank goodness we finally configured what works for us .. so far so good for a year and a half now. Of course I know this can change someday.


  2. What’s been working for us (I am a mom of a cool smart funny 15 yr old kid) is lantus in morning but hiked up as high as I can. We need to watch for lows when it kicks in later in the day. No prob with dex. Not saying that will work for anyone else. But after being at the drawing board and muchhhhhhh frustration its been working for 1.5 yrs. Until it doesn’t.. lol



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