Wasting Time

“I think I’m wasting your time by coming here every three months.”

“Okay, let’s stretch it out to five and see how your lab results turn out.”

And somehow that was the most productive visit to my endocrinologist in the past few years.

I’m content with my diabetes management scheme at the moment. Humalog and Lantus pens combined with the power of Dexcom’s G4 have done well for me so far. As the weather (hopefully) warms up, I’m going to try to hit the W&OD trail on my bike more often – to help with the cardio and whatnot.

I understand and respect the value of these endocrinologist appointments. And for whatever reason, the receptionist there loves me. But I think I’ve moved past 3-month reminders that I need to get bloodwork done and arrange a work-from-home morning with my boss.

For now, I think I’ve got this.


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