Better Breakfast

Most mornings, I’m not exactly a role model when it comes to the most important meal of the day. Considering the stuff I eat some times, I think skipping breakfast might be a better option. And I don’t quite know how to interpret the fact that I’ve become quite accurate at bolusing for two unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. We all know how evil those things are.

Part of my breakfast apathy is a result of my commute. Sitting in traffic for 60-90 minutes doesn’t exactly inspire healthy eating first thing in the morning – neither before or after my drive. I know Dayle has found some creative ways to get the nutrients needed in a low-carb way, which I suppose could be an option for me if I get over the green-factor.

But until I join Team Vegetable Smoothie (now with Whey Protein powder), I need a happier medium between that and the chocolate chip muffins I occasionally opt for. Enter Greek Yogurt.

It’s a start

It’s not much. It’s not enough on its own. But it’s a start.

Like most aspects of diabetes management, better doesn’t  happen overnight. It’s a slow, gradual, sometimes painful shift to what you want (or need). It is my sincere hope that this is the beginning of something better. I won’t leave behind my Lucky Charms (or the measuring cup), but if I can lower the frequency of marshmallow consumption, that would be a most welcome change.


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