The Ongoing Struggle to Find a Home for this iBGStar

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of my iBGStar. The ability to quickly upload and (potentially) process all of your test data from the palm of your hand is an exciting prospect, assuming you can get over the data overload. This thing is just about everything I need in a meter, with the exception of the always-coveted port light. But I’ve managed to get by without it for the most part.

My bigget hurdle with long-term use is transport. I can’t get by having this thing constantly connected to my iPod Touch since it blocks the headphone jack whenever it is connected – thus defeating the purpose of having an iPod. This means that I only upload test results once or twice a week and keep the meter separate for the majority of the time. Up until a week ago I’ve kept my iBGStar in the same case as my old FreeStyle Lite. There was a spot for the vial of test strips and I was quite fond of the makeshift insulin pen “pockets” that the outer compartment formed – thus reducing clutter to a single item.

Despite this apparent convenience, I did have issues with this setup. Mostly because I couldn’t find a home for the previously mentioned FreeStyle meter. So the case was holding a meter not in use, a meter in use, a vial of test strips, a Delica, and anywhere from 0-49 used test strips. As you can imagine, things often got messy.

You read through all of that build up to get to this, my new solution to carrying around my iBGStar.

Perfect fit.

Now I have a vial for unused test strips, a vial for used test strips, my Delica and my meter all in a simple, cozy home. I got this at Staples, but the only product listing I could find online was on Moleskine’s website. In case you’re interested, here you go.

Of course, this means I have to carry my insulin pens separately again. But with the pocket clip on each pen, there’s at least a modicum of convenience there.

What about you, my eager-readers? Do you have any slick make-shift cases for your diabetes stuff? Do you still use the case your meter came in?

4 thoughts on “The Ongoing Struggle to Find a Home for this iBGStar

  1. I *always* use the case the meter came in, going back to my old Glucometer Elite (which later became Asencia, after the name Glucometer became too generic), and later various OneTouches, BDs (which later became Nova), and now my Bayer ContourLink.

    Since I’m seemingly always on-the-run and standing up (without a surface to lay out my stuff), the meter, lancer, and strip vial always remain in their assigned spot in the manufacturer’s case – never moved, nice and orderly. Occasionally, it has me dumping out an entire vial of strips or applying blood to the zipper, but hey — stuff happens.


  2. Interesting stuff mate. That case looks kind of cool. Much better than the Verio IQ case that I’m currently using which is HUGE!

    How do you find the OneTouch Delica? We can’t seem to get it in Australia and I’m not quite sure why.

    I have a iBGStar as well but similarly don’t keep it attached to my iPhone and therefore find it definitely takes away some of the functionality….


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