The Amazing Race

Dr. Natalie Strand, winner of Season 17 of the Amazing Race, is on the podcast this week. We discuss her life with diabetes and how her diagnosis didn’t slow her down. To that point, we cover her journey to and through The Amazing Race including the proper bolus amount for boiled sheep’s brain, conquering a fear of heights, and the advocacy opportunities that came from her victory. Nat also talks about her decision to become a doctor and how her life with diabetes helps relate to some of her patients. Enjoy.

Follow Natalie on Twitter at @DrNatStrand and her Facebook Page.

Run Time – 29:50

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One thought on “The Amazing Race

  1. Wow this is amazing. Diabetes cannot hold you back from everything. It throws in some challenges, but that just makes it more fun. Wish all my doctors had diabetes – then maybe they would understand all the small problems.



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