Tales From Odin’s Beard: Time Out

This is new…

This happened over the weekend somewhere in the middle of Day 27. Showing continued signs of deterioration, this sensor was clearly not going to surivive the weekend. But I held on, like a candle that shines brightest just before it goes out, I clung to the fantasy that I could squeeze another 24-hours out of this thing and start the new week fresh with a brand new sensor.

But then this test happened.

I should have captured a picture of the prompt that greeted me after I tried to calibrate and correct the plummeting graph. The reaction my receiver gave me was a combination of



In reality, I got a “Wait 15 minutes and enter BG” alert. Basically, I was put in time out for 15 magical minutes. The result is the hour glass and blood drop combination you see in the upper-right.

While not completely quitting, it’s nice to know that the G4 is capable of requesting a moment to gather itself before accepting a radically new calibration. Almost like it’s shenanigans proof. Or something like that.

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