Post-Pen Evaluation

Not every day I finish both pens on the same meal

Is it wrong that I look back on the past 300 units of Humalog and/or Lantus I reflect on the missed opportunities and less-than-ideal control moments? I don’t make it a priority to evaluate my successes at the end of each insulin pen in part because there’s too much irregularity to the timeline. In theory I should be paying attention to my Dexcom data every week but without Mac compatibility, I have to be a bit snobby about software shenanigans.

Ultimately this is just another indication that I don’t do any concrete evaluation of my diabetes management. I try to pay attention to certain foods, but not event trends like my morning and evening commute or how my different exercise routines impact the rest of my day diabetically speaking. I know it’s petty to complain here and not actually…act on all of these what-ifs, but I figure this is the first step.

Please be patient.


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