Perfect Harmony

I take way too many pictures of my Dexcom receiver. Followers of my nonsense on Instagram can testify to this. I still don’t fully understand what it is about that line, but it’s a constant subject of my phone, or camera’s, lens. As I continue to explore the rationale behind this obsession, I think there’s a greater opportunity to collect and collate these photos in some kind of montage/collage/collaboration type set up. Which brings me to this:

I’ve posted all of my Instagrammed Seven Plus pictures and I’ve queued up my G4 pictures to post over the next week or so. Naturally I’ll continue to add pictures as I take them, but more importantly I’m asking for your submissions.

You can submit photos you’ve taken to the blog quite easily. To submit a picture you either need to be logged in to Tumblr or include your email address and name with the picture. For those of you opting for option number two, your name and email address will not be publicly posted anywhere. And for any of you submitting pictures, your pictures will not be publicly associated with you unless you watermark it, include a caption, or link it back to your blog/twitter page/whatever. It’s up to you.

Like I said, I’m not sure what this will become, but I think it has the potential to become something, and that’s enough for me.

Am I crazy?

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