For Future Reference: A Brief Opsite Flexifix Tutorial

I skipped documenting each step, but I think you get the idea

  1. Trace sensor on piece of 4″ Opsite Flexifix (available at
  2. Cut out hole
  3. Apply Dexcom sensor (to arm?)
  4. Apply Flexifix over sensor adhesive
  5. Enjoy (hopefully) extended sensor life

For what it’s worth, my first G4 sensor lasted 33 days thanks to this stuff. Not too shabby considering the FDA only approves the G4 for 7.

8 thoughts on “For Future Reference: A Brief Opsite Flexifix Tutorial

  1. Just want to understand. Did you use an X-acto type knife to cut out the shape of the sensor? And then did you peel off the backing and place the entire adhesive over the sensor? That makes sense, but want to make sure before I purchase. *Thanks for your patience*


    • I just use a regular pair of scissors. Start in the middle and work my way to the outline. I peel the shorter side off first and apply it over the sensor adhesive, then peel the rest off after I’m comfortable with the fit.


  2. I keep reading about cutting a hole in the tape. I’ve always just put the tape over the whole thing, and never had problems with accuracy or anything like that. What’s the deciding factor for you?


    • I haven’t tried putting tape over the entire thing but I know with the hole in the tape I have better range of movement, which is particularly necessary when I’m at the gym. Obviously your diabetes may vary, as do your movement needs, so if it works for you I won’t discount it.


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