Tales From Odin’s Beard: More on the Dexcom G4 Transmitter

Previously on A Consequence of Hypoglycemia:

First things first, the transmitter. By Odin’s Beard, this thing is huge.

Now for a dose of context:

G4 on the left. Seven Plus on the right.

When you hear people talk about the size of the G4 (pictured left) transmitter compared to the Seven Plus (pictured right), I think it’s important to put things in proper context and understand what we’re talking about.

2 pennies. That’s what this is about.

On one hand, 2 pennies is not that big of a deal. But when you’re wearing those 2 pennies, on top of the 4 that you already signed up for, it’s a big deal. It’s incredible to think that something this small, while not insignificant, makes all the difference in how this device can be perceived.

And if we – the users, the people with diabetes, the customers – spend this much time focusing on the size of the transmitter, how heated were the conversations at Dexcom HQ?

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