Tales From Odin’s Beard: Dexcom and the Price is Right

Here’s a quick one for you to consider. First, visual context:

This typically applies to calibrating a new, or restarted, sensor: I miss the Cliffhanger game with the upgrade from Dexcom’s Seven Plus to the G4.

When calibrating a new sensor the starting number is always 120 mg/dL. I don’t know, or care why that is, it just is. If I’m particularly high or low at the time of calibration, this means I have to scroll a ways before I get to the right number. With the Seven Plus, you would scroll through every, single, number. At first I thought this was a bit tedious. But with the help of Bob Barker (or Drew Carey), I imagine I’m playing a variant of the Cliffhanger game with the added twist of trying to get as close to my blood glucose level without going over.

It’s the little things that make life with diabetes fun, right?

But the G4 has left the Cliffhanger game behind. Now when you calibrate and have to scroll to say…200 mg/dL, you’ll see the first few numbers directly above 120, but then it starts to skip a few numbers. I haven’t figured out if it’s 3 or 4, but there’s a noticeable jump from one number to the next as you scroll. This also makes the “closest without going over” game more difficult.

I know why this change is a thing. Get to the data gathering as soon as possible. It’s only a few seconds, but those seconds are wasted on scrolling, not data collection.

This isn’t necessarily a complaint, but a minor observation. After using the Seven Plus for over two years, I got attached to the nuances and oddities I found. Now I have to start the get-to-know-you phase all over again and find a new pricing game to associate with the G4.

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