So we watched the extended edition of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ last night

Tumblr is great for things like this

I’m not sure if I’ll be composing thoughts on each of the movies, but considering how long each of them are it may be worth it. Anyway, I’m about to do that thing where I say ‘go read this somewhere else because I have too many social media outlets’ – I’m sorry.

I typed up some musings over on Tumblr. It may be worth a read if you’re in to commentary on really, really long movies and names I had to copy directly from Wikipedia for fear of mistyping them. Here’s a snippet:

  • From a pure logistics perspective, this entire trilogy fascinates me. If you shoot for the edit, and the extended version is Peter Jackson’s true vision then I wonder how much ADDITIONAL footage was left on the cutting room floor.
  • And, I do not envy the editors of this movie. Cutting each movie down to what became the extended version is one thing, but then cutting that down to what was released in theaters? This is how I imagine those conversations, “Okay, what is absolutely essential exposition for newcomers without ignoring the hyper-passionate fanbase that will be back to see this movie and comb over every single detail?”
  • While it has been a while since I saw the theatrical cut of Fellowship, I immediately noticed scenes that felt longer than before. Some by a few seconds. Others by minutes. The entire editing process of this movie fascinates, and scares me.


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