Tales From Odin’s Beard: Beyond Seven Days

This first G4 sensor has lasted well past the FDA approved seven days. At this rate, I think the Opsite Flexifix adhesive I’m using to keep the sensor in place will give out, or get too gross to tolerate, before the sensor itself shows consistent signs of inaccuracy. Particularly after the grueling ups and downs of holiday dining, I figured this thing would throw in the towel but the past few days have me hopeful as I approach Day 21 and possibly beyond.

Aside from the continued consistency of the G4, I suppose there’s nothing new to report as far as observations go. The receiver made it another seven days on a single charge. I need to keep an eye on the recharge time, but in theory I could start a new sensor and charge the receiver during the warmup period, then not have to worry about recharging until the next warmup period seven days later. Like I said, I need to test and confirm the time it takes to fully recharge the receiver, but it’s a nice possibility, right?

My biggest challenge with the G4 continues to be my lack of proactivity (I think that’s a word) with my high warnings. The process should be: Alert, Test, Calibrate, Treat.

The process actually is: Alert, Treat, Sometimes Test, Sometimes Calibrate after sometimes testing.

I know I can be better about this.

I have to be better about this.

I’ll check back in after I make it to 21 days.


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