Subtle Changes

Let’s hope I threw away the right pen after these pictures were taken…

I broke out a new Lantus pen last night and immediately noticed the modified presentation. It’s amazing how something as simple and subtle as adding a black outline makes things look cartoony. Not that an insulin pen would even be mistaken for a toy, but still, it looks…off.

Dayle pointed out the updated Sanofi/Sanofi Aventis bit, too. So there’s that.

I imagine stuff like this is a really big deal for the marketing folks at Sanofi. I wonder how many iterations these small changes went through before getting submitted up the chain of command for approval. I wonder how much the change impacted the bottom line. Stopping production, making the updates (however big or small) to the manufacturing process, and then turning the machine back on. How much does that cost? How much is it worth?

I’m going to assume these changes will not be met with the same reaction as the University of California received after they tried to update their logo.

Dayle passed along this article about the HP logo “redesign”. I wonder if any of the conversations at Sanofi sounded anything like what went down at Hewelet Packard.

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