Resembling Progress

Yes, it’s snowing on my blog. No, you can’t tell because the background is white. December has plenty of days left so I’ll consider a different Hex Code to show off the flurries.

In a moment of vanity I went back through some of the pictures I posted through Instagram and noticed a promising trend (if you ignore ALL of the cat pictures) – I think my diet is improving.

This doesn’t mean I’ve completely cut out things like pizza or the occasional burger, but progress is being made. Between the healthier food choices and small steps to a regular exercise routine, I’m confident that this will all mean something tangible in the future. Of course there’s still a lot of work to do before I can notice an impact diabetically speaking (or by my ability to lift heavy objects), but any kind of progress, regardless of how infinitesimal, is going to help keep me on the path.

Thanks to Dayle’s patience with my stubborn eating habits, meals have more variety than they did a few months ago.

And the extra few calories I burn at work thanks to my standing desk certainly help.

Ultimately it comes down to making reasonable changes that, while initially small, add up to a lot. While I’m not sure what all of this effort will add up to, I’m hopeful.

And that’s enough for me.

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