Snack Selection

When it comes to selecting new snacks to invest in for the specific purpose of treating lows, the selection criteria is simple.

  1. What is the carbohydrate count per serving?
  2. How much is a serving?
  3. How many servings per container?

Things get tricky with something like this fruit snack package because there are technically two low-treating opportunities per package but that implies that I have the self control to count to 10 or 11 AND stop after I’ve hit the target.

Most of my adventures treating lows with these fruit snacks results in astronomical highs because I lack self-control when my blood glucose is below 60 mg/dL. I know I need to be better, but instincts are reduced to their most primal form when I get that low. Maybe I should pre-allocate the fruit snacks during the day – make my own packages for them with just the right amount. That could be a thing?

Or perhaps, and more likely, I’m over-thinking this. Again.

2 thoughts on “Snack Selection

  1. Yes, divvy them up. I do that for all of our snacks right when I open a package so I don’t have to count/weigh/measure each time.



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