My Turn

After some back and forth with my Dexcom rep I have confirmed that I’ll be upgrading to Dexcom’s G4 at the end of December. I’m excited to embrace the accuracy and range improvements and I know my pockets will appreciate the smaller receiver.

I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with blog posts of late but I went back through my Google Reader (read: dusted it off because that unread count took 10 minutes to get below 1000+) and plucked some posts that mentioned impressions about the G4. If Storify ever wants to cooperate with me again I’ll be sure to add these links to my post over there, too.

If I missed you and you want to be included in this list, let me know. I didn’t leave anyone out on purpose. I swear.

And of course, because I mentioned the G4 I must include this clip. This may become my signature on future Dexcom posts.

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