Zombie Mode

I’ve experienced a few lapses in diabetes judgement over the past few nights, mostly in reaction to lows, that transformed me in to a zombie of sorts.  If I may propose a new term to the diabetes online community, assuming it hasn’t already been coined, I suggest: Zombetes.

Evidence of a case of Zombetes

Zombetes (n) – the result of low blood glucose removing logic and inhibitions regarding food intake. Often followed by quickly rising blood glucose levels, and the occasional short-term amnesia (for example: I don’t remember how much food I ate last night). Other short-term side effects include glucoasters, uniquely-located candy wrappers, and bloggable momens.

3 thoughts on “Zombie Mode

  1. Now what would we call purposefully eating foods that we know are going to be a complete disaster while fully awake? (Thai food followed closely by frozen yogurt is kinda a mistake BG-wise)



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