Misfit Wearables

Sonny Vu is one of the people responsible for the iBGStar. I was fortunate enough to see Sonny speak at Medicine X a couple of months ago. He’s a smart man. I know the Shine isn’t specifically a diabetes device, although being active certainly helps keep things in check, but the basic idea behind the Shine is what intrigues me the most.

“Simple. It’s about overcoming complexity.”

I know diabetes is a complex disease, and developing any tool to help manage this disease is exponentially more complex. And considering the variables that have to be accounted for, it’s unrealistic to expect industry-changing innovation overnight. For the most part the tools we use to manage this disease evolve incrementally, not radically.

But…what if our diabetes management tools could evolve radically?

3 thoughts on “Misfit Wearables

  1. Funny story – I was distracted in a session just now and opened my google reader. Clicked on your post. I am sitting next to Sonny RIGHT NOW! #meta #matrix?


  2. Until there’s a device that frees us from thinking about the choices in diabetes (i.e., a real artificial pancreas) we need better decision support tools. As long as it’s portable, remembers everything important about my diabetes, and suggests what I should do next, I don’t care what it looks like… Although, prettier would be better, of course.



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