Test, Don’t Guess

In case you think your diet soda is anything but, test, don’t guess.

Step 1: Test blood glucose.

Step 2: Dip finger in questionable soda, repeat Step 1.

Step 3: If appropriate, declare shenanigans.

I’m not a medical professional, but this method has worked for me enough times (3) to give it official status in my diabetes bag o’ tricks.

5 thoughts on “Test, Don’t Guess

  1. I wish I knew of this trick a few months ago when a “diet” Pepsi from a convenience store (which is a big supporter of JDRF and other diabetes charities, BTW) sent my BG soaring. I called the store and later emailed their headquarters, both of whom denied anything was wrong (liability reasons maybe?) but reassured me they would reinforce proper procedures when it comes to setting up soda fountains.

    I’ve heard of doing this with urine test strips but not blood. With all the strips I wasted in the aftrermath, it would’ve been a small price to pay.



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