Back to Basics

Because I’m far too exhausted to consider exercise when I get home after work, working out in the morning is the only other logical option. This means setting an alarm for 5:20, and hopefully getting up around that time too. Establishing a new routine is never easy, especially when it involves so little sunlight, but I know that this is an essential part of my diabetes management. And as you all know, even a little bit of exercise can go a long way.

While I won’t specifically cite this week’s new-found exercise routine for my streak of awesome Dexcom photos, I think it may deserve an honorable mention. We’ll see if this trend lasts more than a handful of days. Obviously, I’m hoping it does.

It’s all about staying inside the lines…

The worst part about exercising is that it works. And I know it works. But with so much happening in my life, it’s the easiest thing to make an excuse for cutting. The real challenge is staying motivated week after week. Hopefully I’m up to the task.

4 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. My kids did their first Big Blue Test yesterday – Sugarboy went down from 215 to 132 with 15 minutes of jumping on trampoline. Crazy awesomeness. I loved seeing his reaction to his lower numbers. Great motivator. Sweetstuff also went down – not as much but Sugarboy said she barely jumped.



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