Taking Online Offline

If you’re reading this and you’re in the Des Moines area, I hope you’re planning on hanging out at the You Can Do This Project booth at TCOYD this Saturday. Kim has done incredible things with the You Can Do This Project and the stories I heard and told at Friends For Life this summer are a testament to the value of support when it comes to diabetes health and overall happiness.

The fun thing about support is that it can occur online or offline. Sharing stories on the multitude of platforms at our fingertips is great, but sometimes you can’t beat an old fashioned hug.

Showing up at TCOYD will certainly improve the visibility of the project, which is nice, but the mission is the most important part of showing up at events like this. Reminding people that they aren’t alone in this thing is where it’s at. That simple statement – you are not alone – may seem like a no-brainer but when you are obsessing about carb content and blood glucose readings all the time, sometimes the simple things slip through the cracks.

This is why the You Can Do This Project, and the entire online community is essential. It’s assumed that we can handle this stuff on our own, and for the most part we can. But when help is needed, things like You Can Do This are here to answer the Bat Phone.

3 thoughts on “Taking Online Offline

  1. The TCOYD crowd was interestingly different from the FFL crowd. I highly doubt that the QR code on the flyer is going to get much traffic from the event. More stories and reflections forthcoming but a few times when we started to explain the project with “an online…” they would cut us off to say they don’t go online… at all.


  2. I’ll echo what Sara said (some without computers even) …except for CDE’s who wanted to pass along the info to their patients, which was awesome.



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