Casual Observations

As I sat waiting for my turn at my local LabCorp facility in preparation for tomorrow’s endocrinologist appointment I had a number of casual observations that most certainly would have made for an interesting Twitter stream – if I had more than 140 characters available to compose my thoughts. Lucky for me, Twitter is not the only hey-look-at-me platform I occupy.

The LapCorp I go to, off Duke Street in Alexandria, Virginia is the model of inefficiency. Patients are encouraged to make appointments online to reduce wait time. What they don’t say is that traditional wait time can approach two (2) hours. Luckily my wait was only an hour and 15 minutes. Not like I had a job to get back to or anything…

The iPhone 5 was just announced (and apparently delayed due to demand?) yet there are people who don’t understand the basics of smartphone use in a public setting. There’s volume control on the side of your phone: use it. I don’t care what free.99 game you’re playing, or how many words your friends have. Turn that stuff down. Yes, we all have to wait for our turn. Yes, it sucks. Yes, it’s great that Peggle is available on every gaming platform known to man. But you’ve forgotten to observe the common courtesy of acknowledging that not everyone cares about your progress on whatever Fruit Ninja close you’re playing.

This one I managed to fit into a tweet, but it’s worth the repost.

I feel bad for all pieces of that equation. Ugh.

Finally, despite the absurd wait time I still followed the golden rule. Yes ma’am. Thank you. Have a nice day. Those kinds of things. As much as the blame for the breakdown in efficiency resides with this group, they are still people that deserved to be treated with respect. I only wish other patrons of this establishment believed a similar course of action was appropriate.

A1c fallout tomorrow.

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