Haste Makes Waste

It would seem, in my haste, that I didn’t ever really explain what Medicine X is about. Hopefully this will make up for those lapses in execution.

Rather than quote the “About” page, I’ll simply point you there for the basics.

From my perspective, I’m hoping to learn as much as possible. I’m expecting to learn about health care and technology’s relationship from a people with a wide range of personal experiences and professional backgrounds. I’m expecting to sit in more than one session and not understand a word of what anyone is talking about. But I also expect to offer at least one meaningful contribution to a discussion while I’m there. Considering how intimidated I am at this opportunity, I don’t think one (1) is too low of a bar.

I’m sure I’ll find a comfort level and eventually come to accept that I do belong at this conference, but I’ll wait for that confidence to show up once I get closer to the travel day.

Looking at the program schedule, it’ll be interesting to see how many of these talks and topics can apply specifically to a person with diabetes and the diabetes community at large (even if the initial concept was intended for a different group of individuals). I don’t expect to connect with every single idea presented, diabetically speaking, and I know it would be kind of silly to think only as a person with diabetes. While I’m there, I’m supposed to be an ePatient, not an ePerson with Diabetes – even if diabetes is my identifiable medical characteristic.

Of all the sessions and topics that will be covered I’m particularly interested in the one about gamification. As a gamer, this should be a no-brainer, but I’ve yet to be convinced at any of the instances gamification applied to personal health. Maybe this means I’m looking in the wrong places. Maybe this means it’s not for me. Either way, I’m hoping to learn a lot from that specific panel.

It will be comforting knowing that Kim, Cherise, and Dana will be there too. Solidarity in busted pancreases…or something like that. I imagine there will be cupcakes at some point that weekend.

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