Wheaton’s Law

You know, I love social media. Instant conversations with friends and total strangers from super-high tech devices the size of my hand. I’ve had conversations with all types of people, with Klout scores ranging from 5 to infinity (if Klout is something you value). This blog has done tremendous things for me personally and professionally – the Internet is truly an amazing place.


What I will not tolerate is unnecessary or unwarranted shenanigans. I get that free speech is a thing and the Internet is a great conduit for said free speech. I get that opinions are what make us the unique snowflakes they are, and I don’t fault any of you for having opinions on stuff. Opinions can often yield fruitful discussions, and that’s awesome.

And while your opinions are important, that doesn’t mean that I have to subscribe to them. So do us/me/everyone a favor, and take a cue from Wil Wheaton, and observe the one true Rule of the Internet. If I don’t ask for nonsense, don’t be offended when I take efforts to block nonsense from my life. Besides, I’ve got more important things to deal with in my life…such as:



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