You Must Be New Here

I get a lot of random email pitches to cover this or letting me know I may be interested in that. I’m not sure how I got on some of these mailing lists but I suppose that’s a sign of “making it”. Whatever “it” actually is.

Most of the time the first two sentences are enough to tell me if this email is worth my time. Things like ‘Hello Blog Author’ are not the way to my heart. A lot of these emails are loosely related to diabetes – which makes sense. But then I get things like this.

Hello Chris,

I thought your readers might enjoy some reasons to stop drinking soda you could link to on your blog. The link can be found here: [Redacted]

If you like it, please let me know so if you use the link so I can share with my readers. Feel free to send any questions, comments, etc. you may have as well.

Thanks for your consideration,

[Also redacted]

Aside from the grammar and punctuation, there’s the issue of trying to sell me on why soda is bad. You come to me with this?


5 thoughts on “You Must Be New Here

  1. This made me smile : )
    I work “on the web” so I get these types of pitches all the time. I don’t mind being pitched per say, but if you’re going to do so at least A) make it personable B) make it relevant C) have good intentions and genuinely want to work together. My $.02



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