Brutus Buckeye

Dayle and I joined the rest of my family for a quick gathering in South Eastern Ohio this past weekend. We don’t often get to see my relatives that live out in Las Vegas so any time they make the journey to the Buckeye State it’s super important that everyone else try to make it up too. The drive is about six and a half hours if you mostly obey the speed limit. Diet coke was consumed. Laughs were had. And a new phrase was trademarked.

All’s fair in love and war…and the Snider family.

Of note from the trip:

  1. My Dexcom receiver signaled a low battery a couple of hours into the drive. Of course I failed to bring my charger. Lucky for me, it survived the entire stay in Ohio and the return trip. This, despite near-constant high alarms. Every time I felt it vibrate for one of its many alerts I could sense my receiver fading into darkness. Very poetic stuff. Lesson Learned? A low battery alarm means you have roughly 36 hours of continuous glucose monitoring ahead of you. #ANMA
  2. I accidentally left said receiver in our hotel room after we checked out. I realized this pretty quickly and decided during the return trip to the front desk that it would be easier telling them that “I left my cell phone in the room”. I don’t think that makes me a bad advocate for avoiding terminology and exposition. This was a time-saving tactic, nothing more.
  3. Collectively Dayle and I took about 65 pictures of a hummingbird feeder. Most of these pictures also had a hummingbird in them. You can see the ones that made the cut here. But the one at the bottom of this post is the money shot.
  4. Have any of you played ‘Kings in the Corner’? (Bonus points if you read that and didn’t think “no one puts Baby in the corner”.
  5. All of my cousins are on Facebook, including one that is going to turn 10 in October. I’m too old for this. (And as I’m typing this, Grandma just sent me a friend request…)
Hummingbird 9

aka ‘The Money Shot’


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